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“Defining your brand and audience, then connecting with them through targeted advertising and content.”
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About McGill...

Hello! I’m David McGilligan, Business Development Consultant and Digital Marketing Expert. 

With a background in Web Design, I graduated from from Leicester Business School with a degree in Business Management and Enterprise in 2014.  Since then, I’ve worked in various Sales and Marketing positions in London before realising that my true calling lies in helping small and local businesses fulfill their potential through effective marketing campaigns and digital marketing strategies.  

Going it alone as an entrepreneur has given me valuable insight into the passion and dedication required of all successful business owners, as well as the often inevitable sacrifices of family/leisure time.  Finding the right balance between professional and private life is a problem common to most of us, the solution to which varies greatly from person to person. 

Through the various Digital Marketing services I offer, I’m able provide businesses with a steady flow of targeted leads, freeing up valuable time to be used in other important areas.

I look forward to helping many more small and local businesses fulfil their potential and build lasting relationships with clients that are mutually beneficial.


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