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“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”
Paul Cookson
CEO, Ad Army Group


Beautiful, responsive websites that represent your brand


Our Web Design Approach

Consulting you at every step of the way, we produce stylish, efficient and professional websites with an emphasis on ease of use for both site visitors and administrators.

We work with a number of solutions but specialize in creating with WordPress due to its many features and flexible potential for add-on customizations.

A Comprehensive SEO Approach

Helping companies explode their Organic Traffic

Fully Responsive

All of our websites are delivered with fully responsive layouts, which provides your site visitors with a professional and intuitive user experience no matter the platform or device.

Performance Optimized

We'll make sure that your website loads as quickly as possible by adhering to industry standard page speed specifications. This has a positive influence on page rank and can reduce the number of people who leave your site.

Endless Functionality

We can enable email signup capabilities, automated email correspondence, live customer support chat setup as well as multilingual support.

Proper Branding

Your website needs to reflect your brand identity and values. We'll consult with you throughout the creation process to produce something that fits perfectly with who you are as a brand.


Showcasing your company to the people who need it.

How it's done

Our philosophy on web design is to treat the layout, structure and styling of a website with equal importance and attention to detail. This includes ensuring that all pages are easy to find through an intuitive and logical structure as well as making sure that page layouts are designed to present important information clearly. Finally, we’ll style the website using a colour scheme and fonts that reflect your company’s brand identity.